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Property Management

Since 2007, we have been helping our clients make the most of their real estate investments. Our goal? To protect your investment long term by finding and keeping great tenants, being up to date with State land-lord tenant laws and staying of top of maintenance needs before they become big problems. We specialize in boutique-style management, implementing your specific needs and requests to create a personalized management plan for each of your properties.

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The maintenance rate is $55 per hour or the professional fee. For larger jobs, we will provide you with a bid per job. For our owners, we will not perform any repairs larger than $150 unless we get your approval first. For liability purposes GAP recommends using only licensed and bonded contractors, however, we understand that some maintenance issues may not justify such expense, such as fixing leaking faucets or running toilets. We seek your direction on this. In cases where licensed professionals such as plumbers and electricians are required, GAP will hire a professional company to accomplish this work. The cost of their work will be deducted from the next rent received for that property.


GAP makes periodic exterior inspections to make sure the tenant is maintaining the property. For the first year we inspect every 6 months. We will inspect the interior of the property to identify repairs needed or potential problem areas to address with the tenant. We document the condition of the unit photographically and store photos on your online owners’ portal. At this time we also check smoke alarms, change furnace filters (if provided), etc. Interior inspections are charged at $75 per inspection. After first year inspections are annual. It is a State mandate that inspections be done annually so if owners choose not to have us inspect we will need such direction provided in writing.

Our Services Include:

Tenant Care

  • Provide an emergency number for tenants to call 24/7/365
  • Questions and concerns answered within 24 hours.
  • Provide tenant portal for communication, maintenance requests, and payments.

Move In/Out

  • Rental prep prior to tenant move in
  • Find the right tenant for your rental
  • Process tenant applications, provide background checks and screening services.


  • Collect rents & send/deposit to your account
  • Collect additional fees or bills required (including steps required to collect late payments).
  • Monthly Owner’s Statements on income/expenses related to property


  • Advertise your property with multiple venues
  • On-site signage, multiple on-line locations and the web site.
  • Show property to interested parties.


  • Issue 1099 MISC to owners yearly.
  • Experienced with Section 8 housing requirements.
  • If your property has a Homeowners Association, we will communicate with the HOA or Community Manager to make sure all requirements are met.


  • Qualified property maintenance for any property
  • Arrange for maintenance and repairs (both regular on-going & emergency)
  • Pay bills associated with your property out of the rent proceeds.

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  • Conduct periodic exterior inspections
  • Biyearly interior inspections